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  1. Yes, yes, yes PLEASE !!! I’m in the process of teaching myself the app and this toggling backwards and forwards is impossibly slow and driving me mad. Would be so much more efficient to use split screen with AP on one side and the manual opened in GoodReader on the other.
  2. Would also like to be able to tilt the Apple Pencil on its side, whilst using the pencil brush, to make a broader, softer stroke for shading (as done in Adobe Sketch, Notes and some other apps) instead of having to change brush settings or choose another brush.
  3. The above sounds like a very good suggestion. My concerns also arise from a personal focus on the painting environment. I have used many other apps but always become irritated that no one app has all I need. Recently found myself jumping backwards and forwards between Pixelmator and Sketch Club to achieve all I wanted on one artwork. I appreciate that AF is more like a Photoshop successor than it is a purely painting app like Adobe Sketch, and its versatility is wonderful and the whole point of me buying it, but the one feature which would make it my absolute one-stop art app would be the addition of more realistic stroke interactions like those in Adobe Sketch and ArtRage. My personal aspiration is for AF to have a bleeding-stroke watercolour brush (you know, where the strokes keep moving outwards until you tap the little fan icon to freeze it) like the one in Adobe Sketch, which I think is the industry best (and I’m an experienced watercolourist in real-space). I suppose the oilists would want the 3D, impasto, mushed-together interaction/look. A tall order, I know, but such features would make AF the undisputed industry leader, in my humble opinion. It’s already fabulous. (BTW, I know AF has the option to turn on a wet look but, of course, it’s not the same as the dynamic interactions I’m describing.)
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