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  1. I've had the same problem as well. It's solved now. You can update Photo and designer to 1.7.1 in the Mac Appstore under 'Updates' or 'Purchased' tabs. Once that's done, launch both designer and photo. If Publisher is reopened after this, the studio link seems to work fine.
  2. Looks like this is fixed now. We went ahead and used AFPub Beta to design and print a 100-page booklet. I had a few crashes along the way. Also had some problems with the fonts (all google fonts) going crazy. I converted the text to curves before outputting the PDF and it worked fine. The colour conversions and the digital print came out well. Wish the warnings for overset text would appear as soon as one opens the document. It's a wonderful program!
  3. Really enjoying trying out AF Publish. But I have a specific problem with tables: I'm trying to make a 4-column X 8-row table in AF Publish (Mac). As I populate text into it, the last row keeps extending down on its own. Tried remaking the table a few times but the odd behaviour persists. For example, the row height on my table is about 30mm. But the last row extends by itself sometimes to 2500 mm. It's always the last row and it expands unpredictably. I tried reducing the cell-height in the Table tool> Cell> Height, but things got worse—the cell height kept expanding, whether I was decreasing or increasing the value. I also tried with the Transform tool> Height. That reduced the height but not to the value I put in (30mm); and, the value in the transform tool inexplicably went to 253 (or some such high figure which kept varying). Is this a bug or am I overlooking something? Pl. help.

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