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  1. Be been trying to get FF7 to work as a plug-in with AP 1.6.7 on the Mac, but nothing happens. Apparently this is a known issue? I’ve tried contacting Filter Forge about it but as of yet have gotten no response at all. I feel they’re being petty as I just recently grabbed a free promo license key for it instead of paying. Not encouraging me to plunk down cash, though.
  2. It would be nice opinions the Swatches and Color panels in Affinity Designer on iPad would match the capability of the desktop version it’s regards to creating palettes from a placed image or from a file, as well as other features that are lacking.
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    Swatches/Color deficiency

    Very nice! Ty!
  4. As I understand it, reading the help manual, Lock is suppose to prevent any alteration to the layer/object. I’ve found employing Lock only prevents it from being transformed, while still alllowing other alterations such as color changes and FX to be applied. This could be a bug or a wrongly written definition within the manual.
  5. Has anyone else been having issues with trying to save to the Files app in Affinity Designer and not being allowed to select folders within the Affinity Designer folder itself, but instead having to use Affinity Photo ?
  6. Ah. Very well. I don’t mean to keep hashing this. The reply doesn’t seem correct. I can place documents within folders within folder in Affinity Photo so it baffles me why Design doesn’t or didn’t get the same treatment. I guess I’ll just continue to manually put the files into folders from within. thanks.
  7. Can there be a way to share assets and symbols across devices? Making one on an iPad and then using it on a Mac or vice verse, would be greatly beneficial. Other than placing them within a document and staring that between devices, and then adding them to a category seems really cumbersome and frankly, unintuitive and clunky for such powerful software
  8. Would like to have the choice of either front or rear iPad camera for importing images.