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  1. I didn't know.! until I read your reply that the program recognise every lines and dots when importing as PDF. I found this so useful and have been doing it when playing with Matlab images. Thanks for your useful tip!!
  2. Thank you Dan C, I think the problem was the DPI.! I managed to solve the issue and am really happy.!! I just wanted to say thank you (although rather late..) for helping me and keeping this community so nice.
  3. Hi, Dan C Thank you for your reply.! I somehow managed to join the curves but actually still wonder what the problem might be just copying and pasting the excel graphs. When I open the excel, copy then paste it on the A4 size affinity designer, the scale of my graph goes to big. And it worked just fine before :s If you could take a look at it that would be great.! Hojung Original excel graph.xlsx
  4. Hello I've been using join curves options quite frequently to fill/colour my graphs. And it suddenly doesn't work :( (Actually importing excel graph suddenly started not to work. Copy and pasted used to beautifully copied my graphs before but now it copies it to an enormous scale no matter what.. So now I copy it and always open from clipboard, wonder if that might have something to do with it?) I am trying to 'join curves' of 1+2 to create 4 but doesn't do anything. (Pen tool alone used to work on 1 to generate 4 but not anymore) If I draw a similar graph using a pen tool (3) then it works. So I am guessing there is something wrong with the format(?) of my excel graph (1) but just don't know what. I have so many graphs to fill and I want to cry If anyone could offer any suggestions, it would be great. Thanks! Join curves problem.afdesign