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  1. We need a second handle outside of the object (like for rotation), so that even smallest shapes (like dots) can be moved without zooming way in. And handle being outside of the shape can help better position moving shape, as it won’t be occluded by Pencil.
  2. Here, I fixed it. Now it’s even easier to move really small objects, and accidental resizing is a thing of the past.
  3. Yes, that what I was looking for, at least until they improve quick selection. Thanks Always starts to resize text box when I start outside... Triple tap on word would be ideal solution as it stayed in my muscle memory from other apps (though, they were mouse clicks, but it’s the same ;D ) Thanks for help!
  4. Happens even to bigger objects, I’m pencil-taping and dragging in the center of the qube, still somehow manages to resize it (with a lag). Maybe some “move” handle like for rotation (on opposite side, for example) would be good idea (for small objects especially)? 81334DD2-8F1E-4D7C-A694-27E96BBB851F.MOV
  5. Hi, when I work with text boxes, and when I try to select all the text, selection almost always leaves one letter out of the selection, even though I move pen pointer out as much as I can, to the point that I often resize box instead of selecting text. In the video, I tried from left side first, then in the middle of the video I tried to triple tap words to select all the text as in every other app, but it selects one word after second tap and then deselects it after third instead of selecting everything. And in the end of the video, I’m trying to select from right side, and it’s annoying. Am I doing something wrong? Is there a select all option that I’m not seeing? Can you implement triple tap to select all of the text, it would be really welcome improvement. B22FB02A-32A9-4DF3-8D67-22E4E96D97EC.MOV
  6. Hi, I was working on Website UI, and by the end of the design, things started to lag (12.9, second gen). One thing was really badly lagging, to the point of having to wait few seconds for result, and that was transparency tool adjustment. Here is video demonstrating this: B2EE0A5B-A830-459F-A353-8ACEC8A616E5.MOV
  7. This is extremely annoying... I have marked with green position of my pencil taps, I tapped and dragged to move, but it keeps resizing. 8D8D2204-F39B-4AD9-99A7-412A13CEAC25.mov
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