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  1. Can confirm, this is still desperately needed. I do a mix of design and machining/lasering/etc and DXF is the common language between CAD programs and (most) vector graphic programs. Someone posted the current sale in our CNC forum and I can't in good faith recommend it without the caveat of "I love it, but it's missing this critical feature for our use case." Come on! You've acknowledged this was desired since 2018! https://twitter.com/affinitybyserif/status/1028911570540224513
  2. +1 for DXF support. For workflows where I'm exporting drawings out of Fusion360/AutoCAD to laser cut, this is essential. Inkscape doesn't work well on a Mac, and I was ready to go all in with Affinity... but this is holding me back. I can see myself either going with Corel, or virtualizing Windows to use Inkscape, but my future with Affinity's not looking too bright with the current roadmap/dev priorities.
  3. So I'm working with a 3k x 3k canvas, and I have some text that i'm trying to lay out. When the text is justified, it glitches out when zooming in and out. When exported, the text shows in its distorted form. Centered text presents just fine. Tested with 2 different fonts. Also at 2k resolution. DFX Thumbnail.afphoto
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