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  1. Likewise, I've waited for measuring & scaling tools for several years since first purchasing v1. One feature that would still be great to see - when using the tape measure give users the ability to keep measurements as objects in the drawing. Likewise, with scaling on Mac version you can stipulate your own scale eg. 1:20 however on the iPad version you are restricted to a set list of scale options the nearest in this example would be 1:25. Hoping these features might be added in a future update.
  2. I would also find it very useful if Designer & Publisher could import ACO swatches. It would be good to see a response on this request / suggestion especially as it was originally raised in July last year. Even if it's a "Sorry, not at this point in time"
  3. Thanks for your response Old Bruce. As mentioned in my original post I can do hyperlinks in Publisher from a piece of text but can't see an option to implement a hyperlink from an image.
  4. I'm just starting to design a few brochures for a project and I have Affinity Designer, Publisher & Photo to work with. I'm looking to add hyperlinks from some logos in my documents which will take users to specific website addresses when viewing the finished brochures as PDF documents. eg. click on a Facebook or Twitter icon within the PDF to provide a direct link to a specific Facebook page or a Twitter account. I can only see options for hyperlinks from text in Affinity Publisher and nothing to do with hyperlinks in Designer. Can't believe I'm the only one to have hit this challenge. Am I missing something obvious ? is it that Publisher and / or Designer don't have this capability ??
  5. I have licenses for all 3 Affinity products. With document scales & dimension tools I could finally put Graphic 3.0 to rest and use Affinity for everything. I think we're all living with the hope that these features are eventually added to what are most definitely excellent products ! Hopefully we may see in a version 2.0 of Designer in 2021 ..... 🤞🏼
  6. The ability to design a PDF form layout in Affinity Designer / Publisher and then add additional items such as form fields, drop down boxes, radio buttons for fully functional PDF Form generation would be highly desirable !!
  7. Hopefully Affinity will take on board the suggestions for being able to set a scale on a drawing and also provide an easy solution for marking up dimensions on drawings. Maybe a feature of Affinity Designer 2.0 ?? 🤞🏼
  8. VonSquid - I think we're both in the same boat. I'm still using Graphic for Mac on a semi regular basis despite some limitations. Would love to be able to do everything with Affinity Designer
  9. Have read elsewhere in this forum that scaling may be a feature under consideration. It would be good to know what sort of timeframe this may become available. Originally raised as a feature request back in Jul 2018
  10. Would be useful if there was an option from the File menu to Duplicate the current file. On a Mac applications including Preview, Pages & Numbers all offer a File > Duplicate option. This saves the need to drop into Finder and create a Duplicate that way. This option would be great in all apps - Designer, Photo and Publisher
  11. I have previously used Graphic for Mac 3.1 this provides the ability to set a scale for a document. eg 1: 10, 1:50, 1:100 This feature is invaluable when creating scale drawings for real life objects.Examples include the design of kitchens and room layouts in properties. As a relatively new user of Affinity Designer I was disappointed to find that there's no option to set a scale on a drawing. Affinity Designer is without doubt a great product, which I will happily continue to use. The additional of scaling capabilities would open even more opportunities for users like myself. Keep up the great work ! Can't wait for Affinity Publisher to be released ...
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