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  1. aluminumwelder

    Export to Camera Roll

    thanks it works now.
  2. aluminumwelder

    Crash on export

    I have the same issue with affinity PHOTO on both an ipad pro 9.7 andn ipad 12.9 Gen2 running 11.2.6 trying to save a 900x600pixel image as PNG with a single layer of text. is there a work around somehow. I can save it in the FILES app, but then I don't 'know how to transfer that to my camera roll.
  3. aluminumwelder

    Export to Camera Roll

    installed this on my 12.9 ipad pro gen 2 with exact same issue. This is the only reason I bought the app is to make text on a transparent png background with effects like drop shadow. I am very disappointed it seems to not work.
  4. aluminumwelder

    Export to Camera Roll

    I just bought this app and when I try to save to the camera roll via share and save image. the app crashes and shuts down. I am using an ipad pro 9.7. The file is only 900x600 pixels and has one layer of text saved as a PNG file. Why doesn't this work???