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  1. why oh why can we not export an edited image back to the camera roll like all the other good apps like Snapseed ? My workflow imports my DSLR images into camera roll via ShutterSnitch where I can edit them using say Snapseed. These then export into a Snapseed folder in the camera roll, where they can be easily viewed. I can then upload the Snapseed folder to Dropbox when I want and have a wifi connection. Cannot do this with Affinity on the iPad !
  2. Just installed this on my IPad Air 2 .... Firstly if I import a Nikon D7200 Raw file from camera roll it opens in the photo persona and not the develop persona ... as if it does not detect it's a raw file. Also if I import a Nikon D7200 jpeg or NEF file from camera roll and look at the Metadata there is no Exif info displayed just the size of the image. Also no GPS info either ! If I open the same files in a Snapseed they are recognised correctly and all exif info and gps info is valid Iain Also just noticed that when you Open a raw file the size is reduced drastically .... I.e an 6000 x 4000 pixel raw file now becomes 2304 x 1536. Also can only export to cloud not another Camera Roll folder !!! And you need to rename photos !!! Sorry not impressed .....

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