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  1. I wrote part of this in my app review. One thing that would make things a little easier to use is having the "?" As a toggle switch to turn on and off the labels. In learning this app I use the labels to learn what the icons represent Right now I have to hold the ? down to display labels and continue to hbld down the ?. I would rather tap once on the ? To turn on and tap once on the ? To turn off. I am not sure exactly how to make this interface more iPad like instead of PC like. Except that the icons are just to small for my eyes. That is one of the biggest issues I have with the interface. John Gerard
  2. Hi all, I think there is a Language barrier here. This is similar to Synology's software. In the US we would "export" to the camera Roll. But we would "Share" to external media services such as Drop Box, etc. The Developers have this reversed. And this makes things confusing. I see there is export then save. But Ithink we IOS users are not used to digging down 2 or 3 layers deep to get to functions. Windows users on the other hand are very much used to this way of doing things. They are so used to spending hours learning a new software package. This is not how ISO iOS designed. Take Snapseed for Example: try it and see how easy it is to learn and use. With Snapseed there is no big learning curve! Snapseed is still a very powerful App but easy to use. I said in my App Review that this App is Powerful but the Developers just to a desktop designed app and pooped in on the iPad. Which never works well. This app needs to be redesigned from the ground up to take advantage of a Touch first OS.