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  1. Thanks for the replies. I'm desperate for these additions to Designer because I want to migrate to Affinity going forward. I have bought both Designer and Photo and I'm really looking forward to Publisher. To me, these are viable (and financially sensible) applications. I'm coming at this from a 'design for print' background and I know these days a lot of emphases is put on all the other non-print platforms but to us old-school print designers we like the reassurance of working with fully-editable, precise guides, grids, etc. Anyway, great news - the update really can't come soon enough!
  2. I've recently joined the Affinity user community and I'm impressed with both Designer and Photo (the price point is remarkable, given the competition). I'm a long (long) time Adobe user, so making the switch to Affinity was at first a scary prospect until I started using them - I'm amazed at how intuitive, coming off the back of Adobe's offerings, both Designer and Photo are proving to be. I have, however, immediately noticed two annoyances in Designer. I know they have been brought up before (in threads dating back some two years): 1. We can't move around (reposition) our Ruler origin point. 2. Bleed settings are not made visible in the working document. Yes, there are 'workarounds' for both these problems - but why? I mean, why haven't both these elementary issues been long since taken care of? - especially given that, from what I've seen, users have been repeatedly requesting both for a long time? Every professional designer I've ever worked with insists on precision and accuracy (it's often the difference between a job well done and costly financial mistakes). I'm baffled as to why both these features are lacking in Designer this far down the road.