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  1. This is a problem that has been spoken here in the forum and it was not in this version that the problem was solved and I doubt that it will come in the next version, well we can wait, we have already seen that it is not a priority. The problem of RAW is solved with other free products and I continue with the preference of my camera. Serif always presented us with good products but ... I'm still waiting for a solution.
  2. P.Espinha

    Affinity Designer for Windows - 1.6.5

    Hi guys, Please, Can anyone tell me if this version is already compatible with RAW Files of the Nikon D7500? Thanks
  3. P.Espinha

    Introduce Yourself

    Hello everybody, I`m Paulo , from Glasgow ( Scotland ) , I am a fan and user of Serif products, since the beginning products that I used for my personal websites. Since a few days I have decided to reform my X9 -X7 versions and start now with Affinity Products. Now that I have some time available to dedicate myself to amateur photography and drawing, which have been on stand-by for 30 years, I'm happy to have time to use the AP and AD. Thanks to team Serif for these software's.