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    miguel111 got a reaction from Design_Guy in timeline animation affinity photo/designer   
    I agree! It would be great addition to the app!
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    miguel111 reacted to MEB in Critical PSD export issue   
    Hi miguel111,
    Welcome to Affinity Forums
    As you discovered this is a known issus that's already logged but wasn't fixed yet. I've bumped the report again to bring it up to devs attention. Thanks for your support.
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    miguel111 reacted to Affinity iPad Student in Dear Serif - Animation App?   
    Purchased AP & AD (and whatever you release next, even if I don’t need it)
    When will you release an Animation app for iPad? Currently using rough animator, which is impressive for a guy that doesn’t code and created it because he is an animator and needed something for his mobile needs.  Serif, you however are a full fledged creation powerhouse equipped for such innovations. Everything you drop comes with a ticking time bomb. Ready to blow.
    Animation app - when? (Stop messing around)
    PS. Your commercials are beyond amazing! Mad love for you serif.
    I truly hope you surpass Adobe. 
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