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    Illustration. Food. That's pretty much it.
  1. MattLanham

    Tattoed pin-up

    Love those really soft tones mixed with the really strong tattoo work.
  2. MattLanham

    Portrait of a woman (AD)

    Some really lovely pieces here. The poses are especially elegant and executed really nicely. Really looking forward to seeing more!
  3. I cancelled my Adobe subscription the other week after being with them for a very long time. The software is good, but their business practices have been a little frustrating for a while. Years ago when I moved to the US for a period of time, I couldn't use my regular Adobe ID, as they are region locked and a new one needed to be created. That was the beginning of my frustration. For the last few years, I actually kept on rolling Illustrator back to CC13 as I found it ran more stable than newer versions. It was only CC18 that felt as stable. The selection engine still feels worse though, and they also killed the ability to use it in portrait orientation on a tablet, so that was nice. Its lack of print options and its awful rending of vector lines had been bugging me for a while. I still have difficulties understanding why placing an AI file in Photoshop renders thin lines drastically better than how it looks or exports directly out of Illustrator. Photoshop has worked the same way, so I can't complain, but I also had no need for any single additional thing they've added in ages. Constantly paying for a couple of programmes that have essentially stayed unchanged for half a decade was the final kicker. If the pricing was more reasonable, I would have stayed. So I've been waiting for ages for a decent Illustrator alternative to appear. I was aware of Affinity, but wasn't aware they were now on Windows. Wish I'd known that a year ago. I've been using Designer for less than a month and it feels really good for my usage needs. I love the rendering quality, and the tools it has work really well. It's no where near as full a package as Illustrator and Photoshop combined, but I'm not finding it to be a problem so far. I thought the lack of extra Illustrator tools would have stopped me from transitioning, but it hasn't been an issue. I still hope some of those tools make their way across in some form, but at the moment I can live without them. I love that Adobe's subscription pricing has caused a lot more competition to come to market. I hope that competition continues to grow and new and interesting ideas surface as a result.
  4. MattLanham

    Introduce Yourself

    Hello everyone, my name is Matt and I'm from Australia. New to using Affinity Designer after making a move across from the Adobe suite. My primary interest is vector illustration, but I enjoy a little design and photography as well. I've been enjoying digital art since high school when we got a 16 colour monitor for a 286 and I could start using paint. Things have become a little better since then