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  1. I have a Mac and I can print out booklet style documents from the native print function. I can export a spread file as PDF and it comes out as single pages, but I can have different right and left pages. I have Readdle PDF Expert, but Preview works just as well. However, printing straight from Affinity Publisher gives problems if the total page number is not a multiple of 4. So I don't really have a real-world problem. It's just irritating.
  2. I downloaded your impose.afpub, mac_heibu and it works fine. Now try deleting a couple of pages to make 6. Not so good now is it? Booklet printing really needs a multiple of 4 to work.
  3. Nice in theory, but although it seems to work for 4 pages, I couldn't get it to be in order for documents of 6 or 8 pages. It always put page 4 at the back. I first tried it with 6 & 4 pages and then I spotted that your screenshot has 8, so I tried that in case it somehow worked for multiples of 4, but to no avail. Am I doing something wrong?
  4. Correction to my previous post. The filename field under "Document Statistics" IS updated. It's the "Title" field under "Document Information" that is not.
  5. Correction to my previous post. The filename field under "Document Statistics" IS updated. It's the "Title" field under "Document Information" that is not.
  6. I, too, would like to be able to save templates, but see my other post on the filename field. It is not updated if you change the filename of an existing document using "Save As". This might be a problem if you try to use templates.
  7. I found that, if you change the filename of an existing file using the "Save As" command, the field is not updated. It still shows the original filename, even after closing the program and re-opening. By the way, it wasn't clear where you have to double click to enter the filename in the document. You have to double click on the word "Title", NOT on the filename itself.
  8. Just be careful in curing this one. I have the same problem, but it may be down to the printer driver used. I have an Epson XP-900 on a Mac mini running Mac OS 10.13.6 and I have the option of the built-in Mac driver or the Epson one. The Mac driver may well work with Affinity Publisher, but I use the Epson one in preference because that's the only way I can get duplex printing. Using the Epson driver gives me the blank pages reported and I'm not about to change drivers just to try things out on a beta program. If I export to PDF and them print out, everything is OK.
  9. That was the solution. Thanks for the info. I still maintain that it wasn't obvious, though.
  10. It's possibly not a bug as such, more a misleading description, but the line "Include entries before TOC" with checkbox did not do what I expected. Whether or not the box is checked, entries in a different text box ON THE SAME PAGE, but before the TOC are always included. Only text on different pages that are arranged before that which contains the TOC respond to whether or not the box is checked.
  11. You're missing the point. Unless I'm missing something, you can't fill in the missing space between the ToC item and the page number with the correct number of dots unless all items in the list are the same length or the page numbers are not right justified. You can't even put in a different number of dots on each line manually. Every leader in the ToC must be the same.
  12. I am a previous user of Serif PagePlus and there are a couple of things I could do with that program that I can't seem to do with Affinity Publisher. The first is put a load of full stops between the item and its page number (which makes scanning across easier). Yes, I can put in any old number of dots manually, but it it the same number regardless of the length of the item text. There seems to be no facility to automatically fill in the available space with dots. The second apparently missing feature is hyperlinks. In PagePlus, you can automatically generate hyperlinks from the ToC items to the headings they refer to. More than that, I like to put a hyperlink from the page number at the bottom of each page back to the page containing the ToC. All these hyperlinks in PagePlus are automatically transferred to an exported PDF file, which makes navigating around the document on a computer a breeze. Are these features truly absent, or am I missing something? If they are absent from the beta, are there any plans to incorporate them?
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