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  1. Dear Affinity team, I love Affinity, first of all. I love all of their products form Affinity Photos and Affinity designer. It's been so helpful for me to have amazing desktop-like application in iPad, and it's just amazing! Affinity makes the best pro iPad apps. Because Affinity is so phenomenal at making all of these iPad apps, could you try to make a great 3D modeling app for iPad? I have been finding a 3D modeling app in iPad for more than a year, and I still couldn't find a great app for 3D modeling. Then, I found Affinity photos, and designer, and I loved it sooo much! So I think if Affinity team make a 3D modeling program for iPad, it would be fantastic! In addition to it, since there is basically no "good" 3D modeling app, Affinity 3D? would be the best app for the 3D creator for a period. So, Affinity team, could you try to make a 3D app for iPad? Even a simple app would be amazing! Thank you so much for making these amazing apps.
  2. I would love to have Affinity Video! That would be amazing! Since they could make amazing photos, and vector editing software for iPad, I think Affinity can make amazing video app for iPad! (And so many iPad users will love it )
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