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  1. Although I am discontented with the wrong kind of advertising, I bought the program because I think it's a great app, but about the price, I think someone from the company should tell me something. I see that no one from Serif says anything about anything.
  2. Indeed it is like that, they had to have control over what they send, especially when they put prices.
  3. I agree with you, but what should not have happened is that they sent me an email with a certain price, but a percentage of discount on the final price. It has been a marketing failure, and in my country, if a price is published in any public media, the company has the obligation to respect that price, even if it was an error. I could demand in this case the price that they have sent me and the company should respect it, is the commercial law.
  4. Hi. I just got the offer to the mail where he says that there is a discount and the application for ipad costs $13.99, which at the change in euros are 11.98 €. However, when you go to buy the program, you mark me 14.99€? Could you confirm if it is a mistake or misleading advertising? I want to buy it but with the price of the offer sent to me. (sorry for my english) Thank you very much.
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