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  1. Daniel C

    [Designer] Brush issues

    It works. Thanks for your support.
  2. 1. When I create a new document, there is no layers and I use the Bitmap Fill directly, the App crashes. 2. Undo the Fill, the screen doesn’t show correctly before I zoom in. D7F0A43C-6794-42CE-AAB9-E0BA44AE9901.MOV AF869D73-A897-43EE-BE21-8D54B32F0C31.MOV
  3. Daniel C

    [Designer] Brush issues

    Thanks for your reply. I selected the Wobbling Felt Pen when using Erase Brush to show the Pen Brush is not correct stroke as Wobbling or Bleeding Felt brush. Even I don’t select the Wobbling Felt Pen, the Pen Brush is still lighter. You can see below video. FEBF047D-5C77-45B5-9121-48C12E79B6A3.MOV
  4. 1. The Paint Brush becomes lighter after using Erase Brush. 2. The name of Paint Brush is not right after changing Erase Brush. 02CF91EB-F317-4177-A1A2-52E7E19DD8A3.MOV
  5. How can I enable the cursor of pen and erase brush tool? It is hard to use the erase tool without the cursor. Thanks.
  6. Thank you for your reply. If Designer can show correct name like Artstudio pro does, it would be nice to transfer my cuuenrt drawing to Designer. I will use Designer for my new drawing. Thanks for this great app.
  7. If the PSD layer’s name is Traditional Chinese, the name becomes unknown codes. You can use attachment. This PSD is created by Procreate. And I also tested it with ArtStudio Pro, it doesn’t have this issue. You can see the video. And there are three layers in both Procreate and ArtStudio Pro, but Designer doesn’t have background layer. 未命名作品.psd 69F576D4-B989-464B-9976-063D22F6A45B.MOV
  8. I locked my pixel layer, but I still can edit it in pixel persona mode. Is it a bug? Thanks.
  9. As title, the app crashes when duplicating a brush of “Recent Brushes”

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