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  1. Affinity for Linux would be the best thing on LInux beside Blender. Affinity seems to care more about trends and less about community and I hope that will change soon. I am not sure why anyone is worshiping WIndows OS, what can you do there and you can't on Linux? Now Affinity have studiolink, the next logical step for me is to bring this masterpiece on Linux. For the good of all mankind.
  2. Affinity for Linux means more than just how it sounds. Since Adobe is evil and something many of us want to disappear, there is no such a good and affordable products like Affinity have. It is important for whole world to have an option to use Affinity on completely free and open OS like Linux. Nobody saying it need to be free, just to be possible to run it on Linux. I am dreaming about this. Then creative peoples really should not relay on Windows.
  3. Adobe Illustrator don't need this when working with fontbase, so I think Affinity can make this possible also. If I need to install every single font I use in some project then program like fontbase is useless, but that would not be a problem if anyone can install 2k of fonts and boot the OS. I tried it once and I needed to reinstall my OS. So, for me this is urgent.
  4. Thank you @Vishnu Raghav so much, this is nice trick, it working!! I didn't try but do you think it would work if only I install this font on pc without having a need to open this file again in affinity and export it? In other word would this trick work without exporting again after installing font? If that is working than this is not a bug, but if you still need to export file again, than that would be so irritating.
  5. I have the same problem with the newest version, please fix this, my client requre editable pdf so they can simply copy paste.. Is there any way to fix this??
  6. Omg, I need this fix like yesterday.. This is really really important to me, this is so big problem with icons.. Please fix this soon, I can't work like this. Also that methid to scale it up and then down is not working, because it scales it down with different line width.
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