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  1. The Nikon Z5 Raw is also still not supported. But is supported in Apple's Photo app. I attached a file for testing. UPDATE: After running an update. It looks like the Z5 is in fact supported.
  2. You can re-create it doing the following: 1) switch to separated mode 2) Hide Context Toolbar 3) Toggle Toolbar (Hide) It now won't toggle back. Even if I go into preferences and reset User Default Settings. The only way to restore it is to ctrl-shift on open. NOTE: When NOT viewing in separated mode this is not an issue. It appears isolated to Separated mode.
  3. I was trying to hide & show in same session. I am forced to quit in order to show again. Confirmed I am on 1.7.3 as well.
  4. I recently discovered that after hiding the tool via keyboard shortcut or menu, it will not toggle back into view. The only solution I have found is to restart the app and press the ctrl key and then clear user prefs. It works, but is quite an annoying workflow. I checked my version 1.7.3 and it doesn't appear there are any new updates the app lately. Any suggestions for a better solution?
  5. The 1.6.1 update doesn't fix the issue either - 3 years later BTW.
  6. Hey all I was wondering if anyone can help me with understanding why the Mac App Store version of Affinity Designer is 1.6.1 but if you download from Serif website it is 1.6.5 ? Since I purchased this through the app store it appears there is an update that I can not get because of payment method. If I download the 1.6.5 version and install over my Mac app store version it wants a product key which is not provided when you buy through the app store. Help ? Thanks, Jim
  7. I am looking for the same thing. From how it looks, Affinity is building out a lot of features for what I have seen Graphic Artists use InDesign for: wire-frames and mock-ups. In My opinion this is not a great direction for the product because there are far superior tools like Sketch & InVision for these tasks (even Affinity Designer works okay for those tasks). I would like to see Affinity focus a more at the Desktop Publishing world (like Quark users) and leave the UI/UX stuff alone.
  8. Thanks! I agree, a key combo to exit the text area would be a great feature. I share the v’s with you as well. Thanks for your tip :-)
  9. Has anyone else noticed the shortcut-key for rasterizing a layer is "cmd-return" on the Mac. Old habits are hard to break, and this is an old Photoshop habit of mine to exit out of text areas, but in Publisher it will rasterize my text area into multiple layers. I could not find a way to change this. Any tips? Thanks
  10. Thank you. When able to purchase Affinity Publisher I will definitely buy through you direct instead of the App Store. I'm sure it will put more $$ in your pocket too for the awesome job you guys are doing on all your products. Keep it up!
  11. Hello. I purchase Affinity Designer back in June via the Mac App Store. I noticed an update to the product on your website that I did not have and could not find a way to "check for updates" through the app itself. So, I downloaded the updated application and when I ran it I had no product key to use. I visited my account on your site and couldn't find a product key although I purchased it. So I located my order through the app store and redownloaded it. Unfortunately I still can only start the app in a Trial mode. Did my purchase expire? very confused on with my license no longer works. The last working version I had was 1.6.2. Version 1.6.5 wants a product key. I managed to redownload it from the Mac app Store but only version 1.6.1. Why isn't the latest version available to me? Is it because I used the App Store? My receipts from Apple show I have paid for this product.
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