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  1. we are two, I am new, and looks they talk like they are in a competition who finish first.
  2. Hi, I am learning to use Affinity, The guy says that using Flood Tool helps to make a better control of colors in difficult situations. Well, I open a Picture, selected Flood, click in a color, but the command select the whole picture and does not allow me to do anything. What I am doing wrong or it's another problem with this program? Can somebody give a hand with this problem, I cannot advance with my learning, because every time I read about something, the program does not work. I will appreciate your help. Thanks, Rc
  3. Hi, I have problems when working with Develop or Photo persona. I get waves in the post-processing. Can you explain to me why that happens and how to eliminate them? DSC_1416.NEF
  4. John, I took a night photograph, and in the post-processing, I noticed to see waves in the background, what causes those waves? I will appreciate your answer. Sincerely, Rc


    1. John Rostron

      John Rostron


      I'm not sure why you directed this question to me. I profess no especial expertise at this sort of thing.

      Having said that, I cannot see anything that I would describe as waves. By 'Background', do you mean the Background Layer or the background areas of the image? I tried removing the visibility of all your adjustments so as to just look at the Background Layer and could still see no waves.

      Sometimes a regular artefact (such as waves) can be fixed by a Fast Fourier Analysis (FFT) filter (Filters > Noise > FFT Denoise...) but when I tried this, there were no obvious artefacts.

      I would suggest that you post this on the regular Questions about Affinity in the forum. Please feel free to include my comments should you wish to.


    2. Roy Chávez

      Roy Chávez

      Sorry, it was not my intention to bug you, but, I was reading one of your answers and at the bottom say messages, so I wrote my question to you. Sorry, I will not ask again. Thanks for your time. 

    3. John Rostron

      John Rostron

      That's OK. I don't mind being asked questions. I wouldn't want to put people off asking, even if I cannot help.


  5. Hi, why my inpainting and the other brushes do not work? and out of my subject, how can I find the dates when I took my pics. I will appreciate your help. other programs I play with, they have all the info available.
  6. Hi, early I ask a question about deaf people. My grandson came to help, we went to tutorials, select Mask, and try to repeat what the tutorial said. We open a picture, click the selection brush, change size, click on the area where the sky is, and drag, nothing happens. History shows our action but no results. How can I learn to use the program when the commands do not work, and why is that, in the tutorial everything works perfect and fast. My computer is fast, but from opening the program to get a pic, it takes about 1 minute. What's going on? why I cannot get what you promise is an easy task. Can someone help me, I am here at my desk for the last 4 hours and get nothing done.
  7. Hi, I have hearing problems, Is there a transcript of the videos, for me to follow what the narrator is saying? I will appreciate your answer.
  8. I open my jpeg, and click "Undo Brush Tool" and then I got another message, I want to cancel that but is not possible, how can I recover the tool. I deleted my pic, thinking that the action was attached to that specific photograph, but no, is attached to all my pics. Why every pic should be independent of each other. Now I can do nothing. Can you help me? I am not a computer guy, too old for that, but I enjoy photography. Sincerely, Roy Chávez
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