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  1. I also have a problem with regard to text boxes in affinity designer. I am working on an artboard and every time I want to insert a textbox on a particular page, the textbox appears somewhere random in the grey area far away from any of the pages. I have no idea why that's happening and how to make it work the way it should...
  2. @Dan C thnx and I suppose you keep me posted on the developments through this topic on the forum?
  3. I also export it as a psd file to a friend of mine who is a graphic designer, however when she tried to open it it was completely malfunctioning (she called it one big malfunction).... So it seems that with regard to the export function there is something wrong. This is how I exported it and this is the file original file.psd
  4. @JimmyJack & @MikeWI changes all the midpoints to 50%, but it still rasterizes when exporting to pdf as you already mentioned JimmyJack, so what would you advice me to do? Seems quite random to tweak with the gradients till it isn't rasterizing any more....
  5. @JimmyJack I don't really understand what you're saying, I'm not a pro at all so I'm a little bit puzzled at the moment... @MikeW , I just installed adobe reader and will give it a try (when I'm back home), let you know whether it worked out well!
  6. When I view it in 'preview' on my mac it looks fine. The printer I used is a brother one, but I also tried to print it in a printshop but there they had the same problem, couldn't even open the file for their more professional printers
  7. Hi Dan, Of cours, I only alternated the original text in 'text' for that was too personal but this is the original file, and the pdf made out of it. original file.afdesign original file.pdf
  8. I created a print-press ready document (300 dpi, see below) on my mac with only vectors & text. When printing the quality turned out to be very low, you could see the pixels in the lines and letters. Also the gradient colors weren't fluid. I tried printing it directly and exporting it to pdf (see below). But the quality remained very bad. I don't know what I'm doing wrong. Anyone who recognizes this problem and can help me out?