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  1. When I right-click on a .JPG image file, Affinity apps are no longer showing up as options in the "Open With" context menu under Mac OS Catalina (attachment 1). Even when I select "Open With>Other", select Affinity Photo, and check the "Always Open With" box (attachment 2), I get a dialog warning me that "macOS cannot verify the developer"... (attachment 3) HOWEVER, when right-clicking on .PNG, .GIF files, the Affinity apps appear in the context menu as they always have! Note: I *have* opened System Preferences>Security & Privacy>Photos to allow Affinity Photo to have access to my photos, but Affinity Publisher is the only app that appears in the list (attachment 4). I *am* able to open Affinity Photo, drag-and-drop the .JPG image into the editing window, work on it, and save it back out; I just can't open the image with a right-click. Would really like to have this functionality back. Is this an Affinity issue, or an Apple issue? Thanks!
  2. I'd love to see an update (for all apps, but particularly for Publisher), with a Universal Design color swatch "built-in", so that I can be sure I'm using color schemes that are accessible to those who are Deuteranopic, Tritanopic, Protanopic, etc. (Sorry if this exists here somewhere already — I find the forum exceedingly difficult to search/navigate).
  3. Sorry if this is already here somewhere, but I find this forum exceedingly hard to search for topics. Also, if this function/feature is already present and I just haven't found it, I would love guidance. That said, I'd dearly love to be able to relatively resize selected text by one point size up or down with ^A and ˇA buttons. I know I can size the whole text area by dragging a corner, but sometimes I don't want to size the whole text area, just the text inside it, and as far as I can tell, the only option is to set a new absolute text size for the text box and then go through reformatting if I have several text sizes within the same paragraph.
  4. Just wanting to add my voice to those requesting a measurement feature for lines/curves. At the moment, I am using a workaround of rotating my design to zero rotation, drawing a horizontal line from point-to-point, looking at the Width measure reported in the Transform window, then deleting the superfluous line and rotating the design back to it's original orientation.
  5. Let me add my voice requesting footnotes/endnotes, and conversion between them!
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