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  1. Sorry if this is already here somewhere, but I find this forum exceedingly hard to search for topics. Also, if this function/feature is already present and I just haven't found it, I would love guidance. That said, I'd dearly love to be able to relatively resize selected text by one point size up or down with ^A and ˇA buttons. I know I can size the whole text area by dragging a corner, but sometimes I don't want to size the whole text area, just the text inside it, and as far as I can tell, the only option is to set a new absolute text size for the text box and then go through reformatting if I have several text sizes within the same paragraph.
  2. Just wanting to add my voice to those requesting a measurement feature for lines/curves. At the moment, I am using a workaround of rotating my design to zero rotation, drawing a horizontal line from point-to-point, looking at the Width measure reported in the Transform window, then deleting the superfluous line and rotating the design back to it's original orientation.
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    Let me add my voice requesting footnotes/endnotes, and conversion between them!