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  1. Wow Affinity apps on iPad are great! Just used them in depth for the first time for an extended period of time. Apple just needs to put as much ram as there is in their laptops into their iPads so the apps don't have to keep restarting all the time.

  2. 100 reputation points! Yay!

  3. Wish Adobe's competitors would realize that Adobe got to their current position by giving their customers both short term and long term solutions. When Adobe realized they couldn't deliver the product they wanted right away they would at least provide their customers with an imperfect solution while they worked on a better solution to replace it eventually. Apologizing for missing product deadlines doesn't fix the problem.

  4. I am beginning to think that Serif needs to rise their prices so that they can bring on board more developers. More concerned with getting new graphics apps then with low prices.

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    2. KipV


      It seems like this would be a really high demand job especially for a product that has won awards. How strange.

    3. Patrick Connor

      Patrick Connor

      Lots of applicants don't meet our standards. Not popular with quite the right people...

    4. KipV


      It seems like there would be at least a few people at Adobe who are not happy with the direction of illustrator who would want to bring their expertise to a product they believe in. I realize many of those people might not know all the Apple technologies that have sprouted up in the last few years though.

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