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  1. Oops! My faux pas.
  2. I just came across this problem when following the example in the Affinity Photo Workbook, page 130, file filter_sharpening.jpg from the photo_core_skills download. Everything works until I click APPLY. Two seconds later the sharpening disappears. Windows 10 system, AP version (which I believe is latest for Windows). As stated above, it appears the NEW LIVE FILTER LAYER - UNSHARP MASK FILTER retains the sharpening when you close the control box. Problem seems to be only with the FILTERS - SHARPEN - UNSHARP MASK function.
  3. Thanks walt.farrell and firstdefence. It's strange I never saw this before. I'm going to play around with it as you suggest. Should make for some interest image shapes.
  4. This is more curiosity than a bug report, as the end result was OK. AF Photo on Windows 10 system. I was using the rounded rectangle tool on a jpeg, which I then saved as a .png file (to get rid of the square corners). The file saved correctly, but when I moved the base layer on top of the rectangle there was a small orange dot in the upper left corner. That is the same corner I started the rounded rectangle at. The dot did not appear on the saved file but I captured my screen with the snipping tool (see attached image). I'm wondering if that dot might serve some function in Photo. I've never seen this before when using the RR tool.
  5. stokerg, Thanks for the info, and quick response. Just tried the method described, and it worked.
  6. I have read the previous discussions on this topic, and none have resolved this issue for me (and from what I have read, for a lot of other users as well). I am going to try to state this as simply, clearly, and specifically as I can. I am using Windows 10. If I right-click on my target jpeg image, and select properties, it shows a Horizontal and Vertical resolution of 72 dpi. I open the image in AP, and select Document - Resize document. In the pop-up box, I uncheck Resample and change the DPI to 300, and click Resize. I can then either Save or Export (doesn't matter which) the file. Now the problem. If I check the properties of Saved/Exported file it still shows 72 dpi. I need to send the file to the end user, as well as upload the file to a processor for printing an enlargement. Both will reply the file is unacceptable because the resolution is too low. Not surprising since the properties still show 72 dpi. In comparison to Light Room, when I change the resolution in that program the Saved/Exported file properties show 300 dpi. Bottom line - how do I end up with a file from AP whose properties show 300 dpi?

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