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  1. BinaryMonkey

    Awesome Gradient palette for Affinity Designer

    Thank you.
  2. BinaryMonkey

    AP Pasting in place

    Oh wow. Nice. Thanks. Worked. Although it would be nice for the image to be centered when pasted by default. Thank you very much.
  3. Hello. I simply have an image that's captured on widescreen format which I want to paste into a 1080p newly created image. When I paste it, it's not pasted in place but rather off quite a bit. How can I overcome this issue. Here are my results Initial Image and after I paste it into a new 1080p blank image. There is a white space on the left of the pasted image, it isn't visible probably due to the fact that this forum's background is white.
  4. BinaryMonkey

    Pen tool / line

    Hello I am new here coincidentally I am working on something similar. Like the guys said..