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  1. hi @stokerg thanks for the reply, It's not so much that the times are similar, its that one is a laptop from 2013 and the other is a relatively beefy PC running on a fairly high spec Ryzen CPU NVMe SSD and with 32gb Ram form 2018 and the old Mac is 5 seconds faster, there is a LOT more CPU in the PC to be used, which is why I was confused. Thanks Charles
  2. Hey @stokerg , did the devs ever get to have a look at this? It's kinda frustrating that doing HDR is pretty well the only thing I find myself using Photo for (not a criticism in itself, I just use designer for most other stuff) and this is bumming me out. Cheers Charles
  3. Hey @stokerg , Did you get anywhere with this? Post Malone is a strange one, I don't really know what genre I'd put him in (nothing like Orbital, which I am also very much into also), but I quite like the chilled feel to most his tunes, there is a definite style though that if you are not into, you wont find much deviation across the two albums. I think I prefer Stoney to his new one, but I can listen to either.
  4. Hi @stokerg I have done a comparison on the mac - I didn't have OBS running so I threw on spotify to put some aditional stuff going on (quicktime doesn't record the system audio apparently - lucky for you guys if you're not fans of Post Malone ). You can see that it completes roughly 30 seconds faster and it also doesn't interrupt the playing audio etc like it does on the PC? Something seems pretty strange to me with that surely? Cheers Charles
  5. Hi @stokerg - I have included a video of the process, would it be beneficial to also include a recording of my old laptop doing it for comparison? I think the time to process was around 2 mins, which seems slow when compared to a much less powerful mac. I am totally happy to accept that maybe it just takes this long, I just don't understand the slow down when you have a couple of others open nor how an aged laptop can do better than a modern pc, it is what it is though and if this is expected behavior, then its expected behavior and I will just have to figure something else out. Thanks for your time. Charles
  6. Hi @stokerg, it definitely slows down the more you have open, but I tried just doing one at a time and it is still painfully slow, I had to do ~40 HDR images (my first time really using Photo for anything work related) and it took SO much time to just put them together let alone edit them. Its also a bit of a bummer (though not an actual issue with the software not working as I would expect) that you can't like 'cancel' out of it, I accidentally started the process of some muffed shots where I ended up snapping a random shot of the floor or something and then had to wait for the merge to fully complete before I could cancel out of it. I also tried restarting both the app and the computer after doing one to see if the next would be much quicker, it wasn't really and whilst opening a bunch of them did slow it down, just one seemed a lot slower than I'd expect. I mean, the Lumix G80 isn't doing THAT high resolution shots either, I dread to think how something banging out 40mp images might fair. Let me know if there is anything I can do to help resolve this as I love my Affinity products but this is a bit of a bummer.
  7. Hi @stokerg, I don't think they are the same exact photos as the one in my video, but I have uploaded a five photo bracket like that from the video (same shoot etc).
  8. you are correct, I do have some others open, but not THAT many, and yeah, this was a particularly slow one, I put that down to running OBS to capture the video. I will upload the files once I've actually done the work ( or I will be in trouble ) @John Rostron I might do that after I've got things done, but at points you can see the 'memory pressure and memory efficiency' in the video (the memory pressure never gets to 100%), I am guessing thats effectively letting us know about the memory usage - I'll do one on the mac once I'm done though.
  9. https://youtu.be/BI17FLqabvQ This is pretty crazy, a five file HDR Merge, ~20mins, these are not super high resolution or anything, they are files from a Lumix G80 and as I say, my old macbook will do them much quicker. You can see at 3:45 that the machine is not at full utilization by any metric, very strange.
  10. So I took a bunch of bracketed shots (five photo sets) and was converting them to HDR using Photo on my Mac on site (so people could see kinda what they looked like), its a, I think, early 2012 model, it WAS the top spec rMBP when they first came out so its not as much of a donkey as it might sound, but it was churning through the HDR merge and tone map fine, but to do my main editing I have a PC at home which is a 1700X Ryzen with 32gb DDR 4 and an NVMe SSD, not earth shattering, but decent. When I do the same exact HDR merge process on photo on my PC, its slower, like, noticeably slower, now I am assuming there is something wrong, like a setting or something somewhere that I have set wrong (I generally don't mess with settings though so pretty sure everything is default), surely there is no comparison in power between the two machines, but yet it takes longer on the more powerful one? Am I the only one who a) bothered to get affinity on both pc and mac and b) noticed this? Any tips? Cheers Charles
  11. Hi Chris, Thanks for the reply. I mainly work in the vector persona, but I sketch stuff out on the tablet in the pixel persona so its not like I am never in there. I can't say I have noticed any correlation between any of the times - I get no error or anything though, it either crashes like in my attached screen shot (and thats how it stays unless you force close it) or it just literally disappears with nothing in task manager, no warning or anything. I might give the beta a go, are they reasonably stable? I don't want to spend time trying to resolve this issue and then keep running into others! (I'm not saving the world or anything, my time isn't THAT valuable, I am just lazy and hate losing work). Thanks Charles
  12. I am really getting bummed out, I have really only recently started using designer in anger, previously I just did a little bit here and there, but since spending any real time in it, I seem to get totally random crashes, I'd say 30% of the time it kind of hangs and becomes 'unresponsive' but other times it just totally disappears - OF COURSE I didn't save, I appreciate that's my fault, but damn son, it doesn't make those hours of work you just lost any less disappointing. I looked at the CrashReports folder and opened the file in there in notepad, but there was nothing in it at all (though there was a file which was strange, but its 0kb in size) I tweeted to you guys and was told to post here. Totally up to date Windows 10, 1700X Ryzen, 32gb Ram, RX580 and most recent Affinity Designer - I don't have any of the stuff listed in the incompatible software thread. Charles
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