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  1. My friend, who introduce me AD, told me that Affinity Developers was highly reactive to correct bugs or listen new ideas. I am pleasantly surprised to see that this is really the case! WOW !
  2. 1/4 divisions (giving us so the 22.5) should be already great for us. In attachment some samples to show you why the 22.5° is so crucial for the Origami Designer community Examples angle 2.5.afdesign
  3. Hi Guys. I used AD since 2 months to draw Origami Books and I join Octa to tell that a 22.5° option is crucial for our origami community. I tried to convinced more people to leave illustrator and Inkscape and join AD, creating for example a facebook group "Use Affinity Designer to draw your diagrams" https://www.facebook.com/groups/194635127849049/ But it's hard to convince them to move to AD without the 22.5° missing option. Hope this could be include into the soft. That will help a lot to convince more Origami Designers to use AD.