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  1. Thanks Tomaso 1) "Black and white" adjustement works well. Unfiortunately, after I update all grey objects in K Only, I need to select several objects to bring colors. And I cannot separate all the grey layers having the adjustement and add above the colored objects. So Seems that I cannot use this solution. 2) I discovered the K Only Button on Publisher, indeed but seems it only apprear for photo, not for vector objects. I miss something? In attachment, an example of what I receive, and what I need to produce if that can help to understand my need. Thanks for your support K-only then color.afdesign
  2. Hi guys On CMYK files, I need to remove the CMY color to keep only the K ! On Affinity designer, my vector files looks like a variation of grey with for example, one of the grey as C20 M55 Y45 K01. So I need to convert all color Cxxx Mxxx Yxxx Kxxx => into C0 M0 Y0 Kx with x = a range from 0 to 100 to get all grayscale 1) if I update the color format with Configuration> Color > Grey > Greyscale D50, that's doesn't work 2) if I copy paste the file into a new document with greyscale format : that's doesn't work (even if I have color, color was removed but becoming C42 M48 Y15 K20 not C0 M0 Y0 K50) Could you give me tips to fix that with Affinity designer ? Thanks for your help Nicolas
  3. Hi On Affinity Designer, I've painted my objects with pixel persona and usualy I don't have any issue to export the final result as pdf. But for the draw in attachment, the PDF show an dark area inapropriate and I don't know why and how to solve that. Could someone help me solve this problem? Thanks for your help Nicolas Arowana problem export pdf.afdesign Arowana problem export pdf.pdf
  4. My friend, who introduce me AD, told me that Affinity Developers was highly reactive to correct bugs or listen new ideas. I am pleasantly surprised to see that this is really the case! WOW !
  5. 1/4 divisions (giving us so the 22.5) should be already great for us. In attachment some samples to show you why the 22.5° is so crucial for the Origami Designer community Examples angle 2.5.afdesign
  6. Hi Guys. I used AD since 2 months to draw Origami Books and I join Octa to tell that a 22.5° option is crucial for our origami community. I tried to convinced more people to leave illustrator and Inkscape and join AD, creating for example a facebook group "Use Affinity Designer to draw your diagrams" https://www.facebook.com/groups/194635127849049/ But it's hard to convince them to move to AD without the 22.5° missing option. Hope this could be include into the soft. That will help a lot to convince more Origami Designers to use AD.
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