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  1. Hi all. Happy to see such a reactive and friendly community. Thanks for the welcome! I spend around 12h working on affinity today, such a great tool! Hope to find how to handle all the tricks i need for my own designs =) As you guys said, an option for customs angles or a native 22.5° would be great. I think as option to set in preferences or custom angles would be the best.
  2. Dear Affinity, I recently bought Affinity Designer and i have to admit that i'm verry happy with it. As origami designer, i use it to create my patterns and diagrams. And in our world, many of our constructions are based on 22.5° angles. By now we can easily create 45° and 90° lines by holding shift. Would it be possible to add a 22.5° feature? Maybe as add-on or option? Many of my collegues use others softwares who include that option (ex: inkscape). I'm pretty sure that many of them would join me under Affinity if that new feature is up. Best regards, - Octa

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