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  1. Zubie, Affinity Photo is certainly no speed demon, and it loves to bring everything to a crawl while it calculates. I've learned to shut it down with the Task Manager whenever I lose patience. Sometimes a reboot is needed to free memory. On the other hand, it is easy to use, mostly intuitive (masking is not), more than powerful enough for anything that I want to do, and an outstanding value for such a trivial pricetag. I expect that the speed problems will be addressed with time.
  2. I took it to my local repair shop and had it repaired. It wasn't coincidence but it wasn't fully Affinity's fault either; it had more to do with installer permissions that would have affected most any software installation. Why it happened does not matter, what matters is that we were able to get everything sorted out. Affinity is now installed and is working well.
  3. I have many 20-70 year-old, faded 35mm slides that I've scanned on a high-quality scanner. I'd love to see a tutorial on restoring them. Thanks!
  4. I just purchased Affinity Photo and downloaded the installer on my other computer. Now the computer will not startup. I'm using latest Windows v.7. I assume this is not normal and not desirable. At the moment, I am not extremely pleased, but I still have hope that something can be resolved.