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  1. Running the latest version of Affinity Photo on a Windows 10 desktop. When I try to stack 112 light subs using the New Astrophotography Stack tool it comes back with a cannot align images message. However, the New Stack tool works just fine BUT it did take a few hours to do the job. I tried to attach one of the files in the stack, a 227MB file, but your system wouldn't accept it.
  2. Since my original post I've upgraded my desktop computer to a gaming PC; i9 CPU, 48GB RAM, 2 TB SSD and a top-end NVIDA video card. Running Affinity Photo 1.9.2 on Windows 10. I just ran a test on 20 A7 III RAW files. They all loaded in under 10 seconds. I think the improvement in load speed from back in April 2019 is due to several things: 1) faster more advanced CPU; i7 vs i9 2) 48GB vs. 16GB RAM; has a real impact on every aspect of image / video processing 3) a much faster SSD (6x faster); probably very significant 4) improvements in Affinity Photo. 5) I don't think the video card has much impact on load speed
  3. It there a way to reorder and/or remove items from Affinity Photo's dropdown menus? For example, I would like to reorganize the File menu per attached. Having the Save and Save As above Export invariably causes me to save AP's OEM file which I have no use for; very annoying! Thanks for assistance.
  4. As noted in my latest post, it takes 55 sec./file for A7R II RAW files with the latest release and 6.25 sec./file with the latest Beta release.
  5. I downloaded and installed Beta - I then did some testing with A7R II RAW files (81.6MB). Vast improvement!!! With Version if took 3 min., 40 sec. (220 sec., 55 sec./file) to load the four files to the point of Development. With the Beta it took 25 sec. (6.25 sec./file) When will the Beta be released as the latest commercial release?? Thanks for the assistance. Very much appreciated! P.S.: I'll continue running with the Beta release and see how it performs overall.
  6. I really like Affinity Photo (AP) most of the time; HOWEVER, the super slow loading/processing of RAW files is a real bummer. Maybe this doesn't apply to Canon and Nikon RAW format BUT loading Sony RX10 III/IV and A7R II RAW files is a show-stopper. In fact it is so slow I've gone back to preprocessing RAW files to TIF format in Lightroom then loading the TIF files to AP. The result is a saving of 15-30 minutes for 10+/- RAW files!! Lightroom, Photoshop and OnOne load RAW files almost instantaneously. What is Affinity Photo doing that causes it to essentially stall!? Crashes: The above process (RAW processing) is also one of most common causes of crashes in Affinity Photo, i.e.: no error messages, AP simply goes away! Environment: Lenovo YOGA 910 Windows 10 Pro i7 CPU 16GB RAM 1TB SSD
  7. This functionality would be fabulous! My other HDR and Panorama packages support multiple file transfers. I should add that I've been using AP since its release on Windows and have given two introductory courses in its use. Invariably the question arises about exporting multiple files for HDR, stacking, panos/mosaics, focus stacking, etc. to AP. I've disappointed quite a few people by saying it isn't possible (at this point). Thus, I end up doing a bit of preprocessing in say Lightroom, exporting the files I require then importing these to AP. Not an onerous undertaking BUT simply not efficient! bwa
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