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  1. I assume this post it's only popular among the users, not the Serif team. Am I correct to understand that that's no development on this feature for the past 5 years?
  2. Hi all. This is my first post here. I'm using Affinity for a 12 months now. The migration was easy but every now and then I got stuck with something that is not so intuitive for me to figure on my own. Today I'm stuck with gradient overprints. I setup my gradient using a global spot color with the overprint option checked. In the picture attached you can see that the color is linked to the gradient, but the overprint won't work on the exported file. Am I doing something wrong, or this is a known issue? Additional info: I'm exporting the file as PDF/X3:2003 and the "honour spot colors" option is enabled. I'm using Acrobat Reader to preview the overprint. The non gradient overprints are working fine using the same workflow.
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