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  1. March 23, 2015 was when they told us they would consider it. Apparently a thread with a six-year life, 284 replies and 46,928 views doesn't show enough interest. Guess we see how they've decided. Really a shame that this company responds to its user's needs about as well as Adobe and Microsoft does. FFS.
  2. I found a method, I think maybe earlier in this thread, that has settings for exporting the SVG in a way the machines will like. But yeah, Affinity is a disappointment in this regard. Not unlike MS Excel and it's insistence that it knows my data better than I do and changes my values into dates and whatever else it feels. People have been screaming about this for decades now and MS just refuses to do something as simple as add a checkbox that says "Leave my damn data alone"!
  3. In this post they said they fixed it but I don't see how or where.
  4. So how do we set the export units for the SVG? Mine only comes out with width/height at 100%
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