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  1. @Old Bruce thank you.. so at least I know it's not me 😅
  2. @G13RL Oh thank you so much it works!!! That's a real game changer for me, and so simple 🪄 I guess the problem with the text is caused by the particular font? I tried some different ones which work. 'American Typewriter' causes problems whatever I do.
  3. @Lee D sure. You'll find everything in the document boolean.afdesign
  4. Hi there, I'm regularly having the following problem when I join two objects: 'holes' are also displayed in colour even though they shouldn't be. I have tried all possible varieties in terms of order of selecting items and the order which item is in the front or back. Sometimes this helps, but I couldn't find any pattern how I could avoid this problem. I might also mention: when I export as SVG and open in another program the holes are not displayed in colour. On the example below I also have some strange thing going on with some of the letters (it was a text transformed to curves). I have no idea why this is happening and wether the two things have something to do with each other or not. There are no groups, layers whatsoever.. I hope somebody will be able to tell me what I'm doing wrong, thank you in advance! Malena
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