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  1. bought the software about a year ago, after reading very enthusiast reviews. Have been trying ever since to work with it, but NEVER had any good result. Dust or scratch removing gives smear effects, select doesn't work the way I'm used to. turning clockwise/anti clockwise is hidden, and most of al, the least important thing are most prominent placed: liquify and tonemapping,, both have nothing to do with photo. Then again, opening files takes a long time, and saving them as tifs requires a workaround by exporting them, hopeless. I'm very sorry to say, but it was a waste of money to buy this packet, I will never use it. Paul
  2. Nice of you to react, but of course I already tried the defringe filter. It just does not defringe the way PS or my good old, but no longer suported NX-II does. It's a pity that I have to make so many work-arounds to get my results.
  3. Bought this program thinking it would be a replacement for NX-II and Photoshop. Which you meant it to be. Opening the same NEF file in NX-II and Affinity the picture is free of fringing in NX-II, but in Affinity I can't get it clean, the fringing becomes less, but it doesn't disappear. Besides that, the colours are much brighter in NX-II. This all would not be such a big issue, if Nikon would have continued their support of NX-II for their newer cameras. Just bought a magnificent D500, but it is not supported by NX-II, so I need to open them in another RAW-converter. And seen the results I am rather disappointed about the conversion by Affinity. What am I doing wrong?
  4. Hello! I wonder: can I install Affinity also on my laptop, for the time I'm not at home and want to do somthing on my holiday-pics.
  5. Ik ben niet kwaad, alleen kan ik er niet tegen als dingen mooier worden voorgesteld dan ze zijn. Als ik op jou link klik, krijg ik bijgevoegde melding. Als ik dan van een goed bedoelende mede-forumlid een mailtje krijg dat ik het op Fb moet bekijken ga ik wel steigeren, ik moet echt helemaal niks van Fb, ik heb gezien wat een troep dat is bij dochter en vrouw. En ik ben niet de enige die dat niet wil.
  6. YouTube need Facebook for that action, and I realy don' t want that crap on my computers......
  7. Dus niet. Hoop bla bla, in het Engels, dat er een Nederlandse tutorial is, en dan blijkt die niet te bestaan. Fijn gedaan. Als je hem weghaalt zorg dan dat ie niet meer aangekondigd staat.
  8. Hi there, I' ll keep it in mind for next time, you're absolutly right.
  9. Thanks voor the name hint and for the answer. In changed my name. It's Paulus-68 now
  10. ! Thanks, found that. Two people in this house are very enthousiast about this program. We' are going to buy it! Twice.
  11. Can I save my work as TIF, and if yes, HOW? Second question: I save my pictures after resizing them to A3+ size (appr. 330x480mm) but the size seems much bigger in mB in comparison with the file size made in PS. Is it possible to fix the units to mm? Thanks Paul
  12. Hello! A great program, almost direct at home. Some things however escape my thoughts: How do I make my selection invisible (photoshop it's ctr h ) would be nice not to have to look at all the tutorials first, want to do that whenever I feel in the mood Hoop to see an answer soon, Paulus (68)
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