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  1. Few days ago I just bought an Olympus camera and its lens.when i compare the surpported lens list in AP and Ps I found something interest:there isn’t any correction file exist in PS’s database-neither Panasonic and Olympus,but there is do a list in AP‘s database.I check this in the net and found someone said the lens-correction file was embedded in the m43 raw file.The photo would be corrected automaticaly when opened. So I want to ask that does anyone in here know if it is true?I admit that this question should be ask in a camera forum.But I also know the official teaching video materials is from an olympus Camera.So I think there might be someone knows the answer.
  2. Dislike your tone,but I have to say that I restart my adobe photography plan again.Everyone who came to this forum all just want affinity program to be better.Shall we?
  3. Same question with yours.Really want the raw files could be lens-corrected after loaded.but it seens there is no update in lens list since 2016.In contrast adobe just update this list every month.
  4. Dear Dan C Thanks your reply and I just finish overreading for the list. I must say that some fashionable lens couldn’t be found in the list ,like sigma’s Art series,the new SP series by Tamron, new FE mounnts lens by SONY. New lens and cameras are always released quarterly .And the welcome companies-just like sigma and sony,has released 4 lens and 3 cameras in 2017. Apparently there is much more betther if the lens correction could be upgrade independently by adding files. What do you think?
  5. Unlike LR have to choose lens file and turn on the LENS CORRECTION function manually ——this function worked automatically when raw has been load in AP.That’s good except that no way to know if it work or not?there are so many new lens come out everyday,and I don’t see that affinity photo has downloaded something automatically. Or this function in AP doesn’t have to base on one specific lens file?really curious about it.
  6. Am I allowed to activate two copies of software in two different computers?
  7. Will it able in the future?(sorry to say that but it’s really a small case in AI)
  8. Well,all text were in the several text boxes,can't i just select all textboxes?
  9. Newbie,don’t know how to select all text in diffrent place in once.
  10. Hi Gabe Is there any plans/possiblities in making plugins can be recorded into macro? looking forward upgrades in soon future.
  11. Really interest in this book.but when I make an order I can’t find China in “county/field” but only “hongkong,cn”. I wonder that it is supported or not to post this book into china area? If not , any other way to buy it like as Amazon? Any information would be useful.thanks
  12. hello I have bought affinity photos both in win and iPad .A problem I just met is that the steps of the plugins’ work can’t be recorded into a new macro.So I can’t use plugins in batch processing.That's really a big problem when I facing 1000+ new photos in my SD card.Hope for upgrade in these two parts’ cooperativity.Thanks for your reply