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  1. Wow, that was quick! Thank you Walt for the excellent information. A whole new field to me, looks interesting. My lens is missing :-{
  2. I'm missing the SEL70350G profile too. What's the process around lens profiles anyway? Pietro
  3. Hi, I recently added NIK collection 2.5 to my Affinity Photo. I have used the filters for some time now, but only on tiff files. On a DxO webinar today I saw the presenter using the plugins rightaway after developing a raw file in Affinity, but this seems not to work for me, as all the plugins are greyed out (except the HDR Efex Pro one). What am I missing here? Is the behaviour different on a Mac (as the presenter was using) and Windows (which I use)? Or is it a Affinity configuration issue? Thanks, Pietro
  4. Hi, just noticed that Affinity Develop Persona is not giving me the full picture for my .ARW files from my Sony alpha. It is somehow cutting off part of the picture, or blowing it up. Discovered it by comparing the picture in Affinity with the .JPG produced on my camera (as well as when opening the .ARW in Sony's Image Edge). Attached the .ARW and .JPG from my camera. Affinity on Windows 10. Regards - Pietro DSC00049.zip
  5. Sorry, took me some time to reproduce the issue. I have now attached an example. As a matter of fact this time the extra border appeared after applying the noise reduction live filter, not when directly after perspective correction. Disabling either of the two makes the canvas shrink to correct size. HDR_example.afphoto
  6. Hi, I try to apply a custom macro to some pictures, but Affinity Photo keeps crashing after the first few pictures (never done more than 3, usually only 1). Tried disabling parallel processing, didn't make a difference. Regards, Pietro
  7. Noticed what I think is a bug in Photo If I apply a live filter to correct perspective on a photo suddenly a border appears around the picture, i.e. canvas size is now larger than photo size. Disabling the filter restores original state. Don't know how to get rid of the extra canvas.
  8. I think I found the origin of the problem: if I disable exposure correction in the assistant, it works again! Guess, I will disable assistant completely for now. P.
  9. Thanks for your reply. .PEF files are definitely OK, see example below (same picture in Affinity 1.7 and Pentax Camera Utility). Affinity seems to work fine otherwise. I can open all the recently .afphoto documents I have been working on and have not found any other problem. P. IMGP7440.PEF
  10. Hi, any news for me? I tried repair option when rerunning installation, no luck. Please advise, Thx - P.
  11. Hi, upgraded to just now and can't develop any of my RAW files anymore. I only get a plain white layer. Files are from Pentax K-x camera (.pef) and worked fine in 1.6.5. Thanks for your help. P.
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