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  1. I am having a similar problem. Most of my iPad pro storage was being taken up by Affinity Photo projects. I saved the projects to the iPad internal storage. Offloaded those projects to an external hard drive. Then I closed all of the projects. There were NO projects in the application. However, that storage space was never freed up. The only way to reclaim the space was to delete the application and reinstall it. I would prefer not to have to uninstall and reinstall the application each time I need to re-claim space. Are there any suggestions? How can I reclaim that space without deleting the app?
  2. Sanity_Rose1

    IOS 13 iPadOS 13 Public Beta Available today

    I am on the second public beta on an iPad Pro first Gen 128MB. Affinity is very buggy on this one. There are terrible lags when using the clone tool. I wouldn’t recommend testing the beta if you use your iPad for paid photo work. I have loved being able to connect hard drives and pull my photos off the drive to the internal memory without the need for the cloud.
  3. I have an iPad Pro with the latest iOS revision and the lastest version of Affinity Photo. The refine selection tool doesn’t work. No matte will appear to help you visualize the refinement. If I delete the app and reinstall, the feature will work once and never again. Please help.

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