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  1. Yes please! Mail merge or Data merge for variable fields like InDesign et al. I would use it for personalised greetings, business and post cards to make the marketing messages stringer and more personal. The ability to link a data file csv etc) would be great. Soon as possible if you would peeps.
  2. Thanks for these replies, and what I need is the first one, a feature like I used to have when I had InDesign. I much prefer Publisher now to Adobe products but a few little features required to make it glow, like the Mail Merge feature.
  3. Hi All, I wold like to be able to use variable text fields to customise text blocks with names and personalised messages. Can I do this in Publisher please?
  4. Aha! I see what you mean, but why on a planet that works in decimal would you divide the ruler by 4. This package has the potential to be fantastic and win over InDesign users. Every other app is divided by five, all the way back to PageMaker, FormMaker, QuarkXpress and even Corel and Publisher! Why guys?
  5. The margins on the document are set to 5mm but on the artboard/page show at 6mm?
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