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  1. Hi, maybe what I try to do is not yet possible in publisher, but it is for many years in InD. I try to set up a trifold page layout with 6 different sides, so I can add the same borders and guides to each side. In Indesign it is just a drag and drop in the page panel. (After you toggle the right switch in the panel menu). So I want to face page 1 - 3 next to each other and 4 - 6. Is this possible yet? Thanks for your help guys + girls! Sebo
  2. Closely. I am using true 4k 4096 x 2160 px (LG 31 Thunderbolt) on an MBP 2017 15“ with external eGPU. But I got this problem before the eGPU. Would be nice if you could fix this.
  3. Hi, I mentioned this topic at the wrong forum (windows - shame on me) some days ago. Every time I try to select a font in the upper menu the spinning wheel of doom appears. This happens in at least 60% of the time. I deactivated all fonts via fontexplorer to test if the problem is connected with a specific font, but the problem remains. I reinstalled AD completely. It seems like nothing is working. At this time I can`t use AD anymore and switched back to illustrator to get the job done. I was willing to switch completely to affinity, but this problem gives me some headaches... Anyone experience such behavior and has a solution for it?
  4. Hey thanks for your help, and so we found the problem: I am a mac user :-) There is no location like this on mac.
  5. I am sorry but I can't find the specified Folder. Where can I find the "APPDATA" Folder?
  6. I would like to, but it’s just freezing. I waited for almost half an hour and then I have to force shut down. I never saw any crash report.
  7. Same problem here. Had to go back to Illustrator
  8. I have the same problem here. Got this under Designer and Photo. Would love to have a solution, because workin with it is not possible.
  9. Well, I have the same problem here. Every time I try to change the font, the spinning wheel of doom appears and I am not able to go on. I previously reinstalled and deactivated AP but nothing changed. Also, I disabled most of my fonts so that there are just 240 activated. What can I do?
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