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  1. That‘s great news! I am looking forward to the final 1.7 release!
  2. Expensive and powerful eGPU, but no help for Affinity Photo. Sadly, it seems like nothing is happening.
  3. No, Metal is a graphics API from Apple, which is fully supported with all GPU‘s which Apple builds into its Systems. But Photo only makes use of it, when there is ONLY an intel iGPU from 2016 or later in your system. So Photo, as absurd as this sounds, runs way faster on a 13“ MBP than on a 15“ MBP, because it has a dedicated GPU. Especially the iPad Version is extremely fast, because Metal is the only option on iOS. This is 100% a problem that Serif could fix, but didn‘t for a long time. Sadly no fix in sight, as there were no Updates to the Mac Version of Photo for several months. I think Serif is focusing on Piblisher right now, maybe when that is released, resources will be re-allocated for the work on Photo. Hope that helps.
  4. I hope support will be added in the near future, but Affinity seams to be focusing on iPad versions of their Apps and Publisher right now. I agree with you on the strangeness of the decision. I own a MacBook Air with a 2015 CPU, so Photo doesn't run as fast as it could, which annoys me, as it basically renders the software unusable. I fell for the marketing promise full Metal support, but even after knowing the problem I found no page to look for the supported models in advance.
  5. For some reason, that seams to be the case. Although not from Apples side. It's been quite hard to get information about the reason for this from Affinity. The only thing we know is that only the 2016 and older MacBooks are supported for Hardware Acceleration. The interesting thing is that, as I got it, this is only true for the Intel iGPUs. So if you have a MacBook Pro 15" 2016 or later, you'd have to deactivate the AMD GPU, which by Apple fully supports Metal and is far more powerful (and mostly what you paid for in the larger model) than the iGPU. This is also true for the large iMacs. Affinity doesn't offer Hardware Acceleration support for them, as can be seen in gkoeders post above. I hope I could help you, but all we know that Affinity doesn't offer support for your or my model, although it seems to be possible without problem. That's why I hope to make this a more popular issue in the forums, so something happens. Kind Regards
  6. Hi Chris_K, on Serifs website Mac Optimisation with Metal 2 support is claimed. I couldn't find a hint to the fact, that this is only true for very few Mac models. I'd really have liked to know this before my purchase. It wasn't a bad one, though. It's just ironic, that all the big iMacs or even two year old models don't support Metal acceleration for AP, but even the cheapest 13" MacBook Pro 2017 does, and with it outperforms the most expensive MacBook Pro 15" from 2014. The issue must be resolvable by Serif, as Apple states full Metal support under system report. I am working with the latest MacBook Air, so I am quite underwhelmed by the performance. Please add software support for Metal graphics acceleration. Or tell me that it is Apples fault, which I would need good evidence to believe. Kind Regards
  7. Hi there, I think a thread like this needs to grow. It's great to hear that Serif has plans for a DAM / Lightroom killer app. I would really like to see one. And I bet that no one would dislike the company's attention moving on to the DAM software. Be sure that there's a great interest and support from the community. Just wanted to let everyone know.
  8. In the develop persona I can choose to display clipping warnings (blue for shadows and red for highlights, and even colour clipping warnings). Please add those to the photo persona. Super easy change, super useful addition. Or have I missed them?
  9. This is actually just like selecting text. But if I accidentally double click the 'px' term, I don't change the value. So I have to triple click to make sure that everything's selected. After I hit enter, the box behaves like I want. And if I hit tab, the next box is selected and I can start typing with the old value being deleted automatically. I'd just like to see this behaviour from the beginning.
  10. Thank you very much, I never thought of trying this in 32bit mode. But working with 16mp RAW files in 32bit on my MacBook Air (Intel HD6000 Graphics) is certainly not an option. It just doesn't run very well. Additionally not all filters even work like they're supposed to do in 32bit. The ironic thing is, that Photoshop CC actually got an option (although not as standard setting) to change this, so it becomes perceptually accurate. I just hope there will be a fix. If it's all about imitating Adobe (which I hope it isn't), then it should already exist.
  11. I totally agree. I think it should even be possible to select a tonal range (like a tonal mask) for every live layer available. But adding sliders for user chosen hues in the hsl tool would be really cool. I think that even Photoshop has such a tool. Please add this in future updates, Serif!
  12. Hi Chris_K, thank you for your answer. But the correct value would have to be R180 G180 B0. As I described above, you need to calculate sqrt( (255^2) / 2 ). I am leaving a link to a very short and informative video about that. I hope this is more illustrative than my description.
  13. Hi MEB, I didn't know that, but know I will maybe try it. But I still think that it the situation is suboptimal in most cases right now. I need three clicks to select everything in the boxes, and I'd appreciate a setting to change to one click (so whenever I type a new value the old one is automatically deleted). This could be completely optional, but it would speed up my workflow quite significantly. I bet this is were I lose the most time.
  14. Hi Serif Team, I bought Affinity Photo half a year ago, and it hasn't disappointed me. In fact, I am very happy with it. But I miss the library function from Lightroom. When I edit a 20mb RAW file, the .afphoto file is 130mb big (or similar dimensions). I would really appreciate a library functionality, the project files don't have to contain copies of the source files. And I would really like to hand off the managing of all the projects to a background program. Maybe this is even an idea for another new app, and it isn't urgent. But I wanted to mention that there is interest in such an app. Best Regards
  15. When clicking a value box to change the value inside, I get my cursor and have to delete what's in there before I can change the value. I would like to click on the box and just type a number in. It would save a lot of time. Or have I missed a setting?
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