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  1. Yes it looks that I press B key again and overlooked this Thanks!
  2. After several minutes I can not paint mask of effects. I have to run application again, but masking is working only several minutes. I tried to change renderer to WARP, but same problem. I have Geforce 1080Ti, if it matter.
  3. In my current photo, I am getting many strange dots on the canvas. I found that it is making during Pan. When you press and hold Space, click, but don't move mouse, it use brush, even you still hold Space. It is very dangerous.
  4. Cenda

    Stroke style problem

    I would expect this But ok, it is just design. I solve this, by Hotkey for "Edit in ..." (I use ` under ESC) It is super fast.
  5. Cenda

    Stroke style problem

    I expected change to Color or Gradient immediately after switch, but it wait until I change a color.
  6. Thanks! I will check all commands from the menu
  7. Is it possible to fill selection without click? In Photoshop it makes hotkey: Alt+Delete
  8. Cenda

    Stroke style problem

    So I found answer here, also second bug was reported by another user: Texture Line Style is very handy so I also buy Affinity Designer. Thanks to "Edit in Designer" I can make it and switch back. I think, it would be great for user with both software to provide this function too Or to have some software with merged function like on the picture. For better interoperability, it would be great to have "Edit in Designer" in the main toolbar. Anyway, thanks for great softwares! I am glad that I have alternative to Adobe Subscription.
  9. I just buy Affinity Photo and I think that I have some bugs First draw some curve with Pen Tool - If you change pressure of the strokes, it is not possible switch to Dash line style, until you reset pressure - Texture Line Style is not working. I tried it in the Designer and it is working well there - If you change Fill type to gradient or colour, change is not reflected until you make some change (color for example)

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