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  1. lik3h3ll

    Crashing on export/low res raster

    Hey MEB, next question, do you EVER sleep? Thanks for that, much appreciated!
  2. lik3h3ll

    Crashing on export/low res raster

    Just wondering what sort of timeframe there is on responding to support enquiries?
  3. lik3h3ll

    Crashing on export/low res raster

    Cheers MEB, just emailed details.
  4. Struggling with export to PDF with a couple of pixel layers. Raster object is clear in AD but low res when opened in PDF. Have tried placing the same image into an Illustrator file and displays and exports clearly in AI and PDF. I've attached images of the files in AI & AD ("native") and a screenshot of how it looks on PDF export from Illustrator (AI.png). I'm trying to export a PDF from AD with "downsample" unchecked but the program keeps locking up or crashing. I'm guessing this is the issue with the resolution but can't confirm. Crash report attached. I can email a dropbox link for the AD file if it helps. Any ideas on both issues? AD Crash.txt
  5. You can use a combination of Designer & Photo to edit jpegs and add type in vector format or use one or the other to do much of this. Worth looking up the difference between vector and raster images too. Designer is focussed on vector art (lines and curves) where photo is mainly for editing raster art and images (pixels/dots). Affinity blur the boundaries more than Adobe programs so you should be able to achieve what you want with either. If you want to post anything (photos and words) I could show you some ways to do it.
  6. Hi coco, can you post the files you're referring to? It sounds like you could use embedding and transform (skew etc) to achieve realistic mock-ups.
  7. When importing SVGs (which are great for retaining layers data) from Designer into Illustrator they're being scaled to the current/last document size used. Does anyone know how to rectify this (in either program)?
  8. I've done a few pieces in AD now and really want to use them as the finished pieces for print but not sure how the printing houses will go for spot colours, metallics and high build/clear varnish etc. Any tips, suggestions or case studies of AD being used in pro-print situations? I'm using a 27" 5K Imac and with the problems Adobe are having with the GPU on 5K the contrast between AD & AI is day and night, Illustrator feels bloated and sluggish compared to the zippy newcomer!
  9. I'm using AD for my freelance design work but 9-5 I'm in the sign industry using a combination of Illustrator and FlexiSign. Would love to look at moving our design and setup for print and CNC/Laser to AD some time to consolidate and streamline the workflow. Short story, DXF export (plus the pro print tools) would be the icing on the cake.

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