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  1. hi Alfred, never mind, I get it. It's an Affinity file...got 'er working, thanks again.
  2. thanks much Alfred, but there's no explanation as to what to do with it. Post says: maybe the attached file will help, just copy and paste the text. and you have text on a path in photo textonapath.afphoto ....a) it's not text, it's a binary (when I open it in Notepad anyway), and b) paste it WHERE? Complete info please!!!
  3. Hi MEB or other - I just got Affinity 1.6.6 and I'm trying to do this text-on-a-path with a circle as per Vimeo example, but I get no "~" symbol when hovering on the circle (after clicking artistic text) to activate the text input, nor do I see, from the other example, any Layer\Convert To Text Path menu....I only see Convert To Curves. What gives? Thanks.