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  1. OriginalBob

    Affinity Photo for Windows - 1.6.5

    Hello. Was any change made to fix an issue with the Levels clipping mask? There was supposed to be a change to fix the tif files, but they do not work here. Thanks, Bob
  2. Yes, @Sima, that is possible. Very strange behavior & I won't ask how you figured all that out ! B
  3. @GabrielM I see what you illustrate with the *.tif format file. Try it with the *.jpg format file! Or, copy & paste the illustration into AP. These work for me. B
  4. OriginalBob

    Log scale for histogram in AP

    As to the levels adjustment histogram, see How to use the Levels Clipping Mask. Interesting feature there!
  5. Yes, interesting feature. When I adjust levels + ALT, I see this. When I move black level to left, then the preview turns black, showing no clipping, correct? Is this the expected behavior? AP v1.6.4.104 Bob Note - you must ALT + move the slider to trigger this mask view.
  6. OriginalBob

    Log scale for histogram in AP

    Second this request from a new user. Full range histogram is essential to avoid clipping in the Levels adjustment. But this histogram is tiny and does not appear to support the mouse over. Can you at least upscale this Levels histogram to, say, the size of the Color curves histogram? Please!