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  1. First of all: OMG so happy that this product is coming! The last tool I need to get rid of Adobe! Thanks so much for the great work! I absolutely agree with Peter on snapping to text column. Also, I can't find a way to change the text column width; that will hopefully be a feature I would have loved to see a columns / margins setting like they do with Indesign, but i guess the text frames with columns would do just as well if snapping was a thing I was actually looking for gutter width, but you answered that question as well. Thanks!
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    Making a custom grid - things don’t line up

    Just wanted to say that I got the same problem of a "jumpy" grid while panning or zooming on Mac with Open GL. I used Designer on Windows before, without this issue and sadly, it almost renders Designer on Mac useless for me, because I use Designer to lay out all kinds of documents until Publisher arrives and I use the grid tool as a baseline grid which I base my whole document structure on. So, I am kinda sad now. Has anybody found a nice workaround for this? Any tips would be much appreciated EDIT: Setting my render engine to "Open GL (Basic)" seems to get rid of the problem and the grid seems to be working fine. I don't know the downsides to using this type of rendering, though...

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