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  1. WHen I print DNG files, dragged from HD or placed they are noticeably darker than TIFF, PNG and JPGs made as exports from Lightroom. Obviously I'd like to not reproduce images and just work with the DNG. Why are they darker? Port Lud 1 jpg & dng.afpub
  2. Ten very frustrating minutes trying to find where to download the update for photo. Nothin in the email, nothing on the forum which resembles Photo on my MAC. PLEASE PUT A LINK TO THE DOWNLOAD ON the Email and or a link on the help menu or in the staff answers to forum questions. The MAC app store does not show Photo as an update either.
  3. Hi, I wasn’t able to find the Developmnet Assist. Affinity iPad does not support Sony Rx100 VI ARW FILE FORMAT, Are there plans to support the new ARW RAW FORMAT? THANKS
  4. I found the answers. I’m running 1.6.7
  5. How do I know which version I’m running? Does the app update automatically? (New to iPad)
  6. Thanks, that works. I guess my understanding of “cloud” is a bit limited. Do you know if this was detailed in any documentation or tutorial? i have the same problem with many iPad apps. I travel to places with very limited WIFI and I’d like to be working locally like I used to with the laptop.
  7. Files saved using the save a copy command go to a folder called Photo and I can see it from my desktop using itunes but I can't open it Affinity photo unless I've saved it to the cloud. It's not on the opening screen. How do I open files saved to the Photo folder? thanks
  8. Its been a while and kind of important, any progress? This is a great app and my work aound is to share the image to drive, which works but we need to move multiple files at a time. Please!
  9. When I try to export to google drive I get this error and I’ve tried several files. The error doesn’t give any clue if the problem is with affinity or apple.
  10. Still same problem and unable to upload problem file. Getting error message which says “the operation can’t be completed” couldn’t communicate with helper application. Export also does not work to save to Drive but I can “share” to Drive. Any my help would be appreciated. Oldnickj
  11. I’ve tried a 14 meg file which just stalled, spinning gear on iPad Pro. The larger issue is how to use photo when traveling and offline! I used WD My Passport drive which works to copy one file at a time but what I need is a way to take the sad card from my camera and load the files into Apple Photos of a local file folder and then access them from Affinity Photo iPad. looking for a work flow, maybe a tutorial on file management.. I’m still using Lig thrombosis on my Mac but would prefer a no-subscription file management system. Nick
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