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  1. Doing print design for about 6 years. When I hear Publisher I think Microsoft Publisher, and MS Publisher is nowhere close to InDesign. Am I mistaken? "APub", as far as I know, is Amazon's ebook writer management tool Am I mistaken? So, reading back to Alfred's original reply, he did say Affinity Publisher. So, maybe I spoke too soon because I have zero experience with Affinity Publisher. My reply, probably short sighted in regards to this thread, was a response directed to MS Publisher. My apology.
  2. Thanks Alfred. Yea, publisher is certainly not InDesign.
  3. Is there an alternative to InDesign in the works with Serif???
  4. Hi. Brand new to Designer and have a question about how to type on a path in a specific way. I'm hoping to move away from Adobe CC and this one feature will make or break my decision... I make and sell address stamps. They're all personalized to the buyer. In Adobe Illustrator, the solution is very easy to do but I can't figure out how to convert the bottom line (address section) so that it reads like the first image. The 2nd image shows what I have so far for the bottom. What I can't figure out is how to reverse and invert the bottom line. Any help will be greatly appreciated.
  5. Hi all. I JUST bought Designer... I originally bought the Plus suite but migrated to Adobe 6 and then CC after I couldn't find many tutorials back in the day. I was brand new at designing then and really needed some video help. Fast forward to now, after subscribing to CC for about 4 years now, and reducing my scope of design projects, I thought it was time to look at alternatives. I'm happy to learn about Designer... So, just pulled the trigger and now am anxious to convert my designs to be usable in Designer. I make and sell custom stamps, as in address stamps, and have a
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