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  1. Yes, re-coded file does work. It seems that PS DNG codec is more forgiving for standard violation. I once have written TIFF codec and if you follow strictly TIFF standard then many tiffs created by well known software companies files will also fail to open in such strict standard. I guess Affinity team has a chance to see what is causing the issue and possibly improve DNG codec to be more forgiving in the future releases.
  2. The OS is Windows 10 Pro. I have uploaded samples for MEB, but I can also attach one here. 2008_05_24_Rozrzucony_mulch_04.dng
  3. I can't recall. It was back in 2008. I believe it was Photoshop CS 3. Regardless, the file opens OK in Photoshop Elements 2018 today so the information is in the file in a format that PS can understand. I do not know if file meets or does not meet strict Adobe guidelines.
  4. Hi MEB I uploaded two files. But I have more if you need.
  5. I have several DNG files created back in 2008. When trying to open in AP it seems to be loading thumbnail (size 256 x 170 pixels). The actual image is 4288 x 2848 pixels and does open correctly in PS. Is there some magic switch somewhere to make AP load main image instead?
  6. Affinity dev. team. The explanation that the file format was not developed for storage is pretty lame. If that is the case, where is the format for storage then? Are you telling me that all my work to fix RAW format issues cannot be stored for long term and must be repeated every time I decide to improve on my previous work several month later? Where is then the sidecar file format to be stored next to the RAW? Let me give you an example. My Nikon D800 lossless compressed 14 bit RAW file typically has 40 - 45 MB size. When I open it in AP, without any adjustments whatsoever just develop and save it the affinity file is 250 MB in size. It is not unique to this one file. I tried several and the effect is the same. Six to seven fold increase in file size without any adjustments. Just changing levels and temperature of the image increases the size to over 300 MB. How is that reasonable? Single DVD-R disk will barely hold 15 images or so in affinity format. If the format is not for long term storage, then where is the format for such?
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